About US


BBQ Bros Rubs was created in the winter of 2011, when the Bros were on a mission to create BBQ Rubs that utilized each major Barbecue market made with the real ingredients from each of those regions as this was not available anywhere. The four real-life brothers packed up and took a road trip in search of the almighty BBQ cuisine. They started from their Southern California base and headed East. Along the way they stopped in Kansas City, Texas, Memphis, New Orleans, and the Carolinas. After the roadtrip they began working on the BBQ rubs based on each region. “We wanted each rub to have it’s native ingredients and taste of that state”. The testing grounds and the verdict soon followed on the highest level and while touring regional and national BBQ competitions they were persuaded and decided to sell their unique combination of barbecue rubs to the marketplace after much demand. They sent their first big batch to Amazon that summer and to their surprise they SOLD OUT in 2 weeks to great reviews. This seemed to be a recurring pattern throughout that summer and to this day. This is the legend of the BBQ BROS!

BBQ BROS RUBS is committed to utilizing real ingredients & recipes from each region.  We’ve created a unique combination of award winning BBQ rubs & sauces. That can be used as dry marinade rubs for; Meats, Pork, Poultry, Ribs, Fish, and Seafood.  Also, designed to be used on the grill, in the smoker or even oven. All Rubs & Sauces contain NO MSG & are GLUTEN FREE.