California Style: Our signature blend of the classics; salt, crushed black-pepper, garlic and paprika. This is a barbecue lover’s favorite for big game meats, pork, chicken and salmon. Perfect for smoked jerky, brisket, ribs, pork shoulder and juicy kabobs.

Kansas City Style: Ribs, brisket, hot wings, Kansas City Style brings the flavor! This hot, smokey rub is prime for seafood boils, chilis, ribeye steaks and picante carne asada! Put a dash of this rub on anything you want to add a kick to!

Texas Style Rub: Made for the sweet babecue lovers. Toss or season with any of your favorite meat cuts! Especially good for honey glazed ribs and sweet crusted beef steaks and did I say hickory smoked bacon-wrapped brisket?

Carolina Style: Suited for the spicy barbecue lovers! We’ve blended our favorite barbecue spices with spicy red pepper to get the flamin’ hot barbecue party started! Light the fire for some spicy wings or picante beef carne asada!!!

Memphis Style: If you like your barbecue served with a baked potato & sour cream then look no further. BBQ BRO’S Memphis rub seasoned on steak or garlic wings is savored with cool sour cream, onion nodes and smokey paprika powder.

New Orleans Style: Staying true to New Orleans, this seasoning was crafted specifically for any critter of the sea; crawfish, crab, lobster, mussles, clams, the list goes on. New Orleans Style makes a flavorful pot of cioppino, a tradition Southern seafood boil, a savory gumbo, or a delicious pan of paella.


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