Baby Blues BBQ: Venice CA

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  • 19 August, 2015
Baby Blues BBQ: Venice CABaby Blues does what no one in Southern California (otherwise known as “So Cal”) would think of: Amazing BBQ. Most think of avocado, health plates, and big salads when we think of California, as healthy eating seems to be how the stars keep their svelte figures. However, there is more to life in So Cal than leafy greens, and Baby Blues knows how to barbeque like the best of them.

The Meats

Baby Blues serves an array of meats of the highest quality. The chicken is free-range, the brisket is choice Black Angus, the pork is prime shoulder, and even the shrimp are Indonesian Tiger. The meat is smoked with apple wood, hickory, and white oak and the pulled pork takes a 16 – 18 hour nap in the smokehouse. Ribs are pork or Texas-style beef. They have lots of sandwich choices on soft roll or ciabatta and topped with coleslaw. Burger fans can try the blue cheese stuffed bacon burger, while fans of the sea can choose from grilled catfish or shrimp.

The Sauces

All of the rubs and sauces are house-made. Sauces include Sweet, a tangy BBQ-molasses flavor; BBQ, a GF mild vinegar base; Hot, a Buffalo style with a bit of ginger; and what they call XXX, which is made with a variety of peppers and fruits purees. When Guy Fieri of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives visited Baby Blues, he declared that the XXX knocked his socks off!


The side dishes are regionally inspired, coming from the south to the west, much like the rubs at BBQ BROS. Chefs have taken the time to discover regional flavors and you’ll find everything from sautéed okra, creamed spinach, mashed sweet potatoes, and baked beans, just to name a few. Desserts include classic southern banana pudding and key lime pie, as well as a rotating dessert of the day. They also offer beer and wine selections and you can dine in or take out.

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