Labor Day BBQ: Grilling for a Great Goodbye to Summer

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  • 21 August, 2015
Labor Day BBQ: Grilling for a Great Goodbye to SummerMemorial Day saw the coming of the new season and we tried out our best grilled chicken recipes; people couldn’t get enough of the Carolina-rubbed bird! The Fourth of July brought classic burger-and-dog fare with Memphis-rubbed burgers that delighted all. Now, the last summer holiday is upon us; Labor Day! Many may cringe when we say “last summer holiday,” because the kids are going back-to-school, college sessions are resuming, and most vacations have come and gone. But it doesn’t have to be a sad time! If your summer was one to remember, or even one to forget, why not see it out in a big way by throwing a farewell-summer BBQ this Labor Day weekend?

One Last Party

Having an end-of-summer BBQ is a great way to get friends and family together for one last hurrah. Bring out the pictures of all the fun things you did over the summer, from past BBQ’s to beach vacations. Reminisce about the trips to the lake, or the festivals that you attended. Bring out your summer souvenirs to use as table settings and conversation pieces. Ask everyone to talk about one great thing that happened over the summer and have some laughs. Make it a theme party. Bring in some blow-up palm trees, coconut-shell drink servers, and some dollar-store leis for a Hawaiian luau. Or have a welcome-to-fall festival complete with autumn colors in orange and red, football-themed centerpieces, and a scattering of fallen leaves. Whatever theme you decide on, when you pair great times, great memories, and great food, you’ll be sure to have an unforgettable event.

Plan the Menu

Menu items can be simple or extravagant, the choice is yours. As long as the food reflects the adventurous spirit of the day and is cooked over an open flame, your guests will be happy. Be sure to have plenty of drinks, from water to iced tea and everything in between. If you plan on serving alcohol, make sure that everyone drinks responsibly; consider a large batch of sangria punch for all to share. Appetizers can range from simple chips and salsa, to fancier bacon-wrapped grilled shrimp. If anyone asks what they can bring, ask them to bring their favorite side-dish to pass. Dessert can be anything from a fresh fruit basket to an assortment of cookies or cupcakes. For your main dish, why not consider grilling up a few racks of baby back ribs? By marinating them in BBQ BROS Kansas-style rub, your guests will think that you spent the entire morning smoking them slowly over a wood-fire pit! If you are looking for lighter fare, why not consider grilling up some salmon filets paired with BBQ BROS California rub? Meat, fish, or poultry cooked over the open fire will signal the end of summer and give your guests one last taste of the best that summer has to offer. They’ll be talking about your party long into the winter months and before you know it, you’ll be planning your menu for Memorial Day once again.

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