BBQ and Football: No Greater Pair

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  • 24 August, 2015
BBQ and Football: No Greater PairBelieve it or not, preseason football games have already begun. Eager fans of the NFL can tune in and see how their favorite teams are doing in the earliest of preseason games. College football is gearing up as well, so for those who are looking forward to some great football-tailgate parties; this is your time to shine.

What is Tailgating?

Traditional tailgating involves grilling food in the parking lot of a sporting event or concert. Football seems to be the most popular event for tailgating, and some people have made an art out of doing it. Fans are loyal to their teams and to their BBQ. Most times, the tailgaters stay in the parking lot, eating and partying while listening to the event on the radio. Some parties begin long before the event does and continue even after the event ends. Tailgaters bring their grills, chairs, copious amounts of food and drink, and an excited attitude to the party. You can find them cheering as loud as those inside the stadium, and often having just as much, or more, fun. The most important component is good BBQ; many love to compete against each other to determine who the tailgating grill master in the lot is.

Tailgating at Home

For those who do not live close to a stadium or for those who just prefer to enjoy the comforts of home and watch the game on television, tailgating can be done inside. Many people host football tailgate parties every week, inviting all of their sports-loving friends to enjoy the game at their home. Though the venue may change, one important factor stays the same; it’s all about the BBQ and BBQ rub. Chicken wings are considered a staple in football BBQ, and grilling them over the open fire gives them a warm, smoky flavor that deep-frying just can’t beat. Marinate them in some New Orleans-style rub from BBQ BROS and you can forget the sauce. Pizza, the original party food, gets a complete makeover when you throw it on the grill. Sauce, cheese and whatever toppings you like get enhanced by sprinkling on a bit of BBQ rub inspired by the tastes of Texas. Throw in some apps and drinks and you’ve got a great party to cheer on your favorite teams! Even if your team loses, you’ll always be a winner when you throw a great barbeque tailgate party in the lot, or at home.

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