You’ve Got the Meat, Now What Else to Eat?

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  • 04 September, 2015
You’ve Got the Meat, Now What Else to Eat?Planning a meal can be a bit daunting.  Everyone knows that a baked potato goes well with a streak, but what if you don’t have a baked potato?  Most places that serve chicken also serve coleslaw on the side, but what if you don’t like coleslaw?  Are there food pairing rules, or do people just make this stuff up?  Truth be told, when it comes to what you want to eat, there are no rules.  Eat what you like; that’s out motto.  But there are some dishes that traditionally go well with certain meats so if you like them go ahead and pair them up.  However, if you are looking to find meat-and-side-dish perfection, there are some menu items that go better together than others.  We’ve broken down the traditional pairings and added some additional options to give you a full range of barbeque heaven.

Barbeque Chicken

Traditional Side: Coleslaw Other good pairings: • Grilled Sweet Potatoes • Green Beans Grilled or Sautéed with Garlic • Deviled Eggs • Potato Salad

Steak or Roasts

Traditional Side: Baked Potato Other good pairings: • Classic Salt Potatoes • Broccoli Salad • Caprice Salad (Fresh tomato, mozzarella, basil) • Marinated Grape or Cherry Tomatoes

Barbeque Ribs or Pork

Traditional Side: Cornbread Other good pairings: • Grilled Sweet Corn • Barbequed Baked Beans • Grilled Apples • Cucumber-Dill Salad


Traditional Side: French Fries Other good pairings: • Grilled Squash or Zucchini • Pasta Salad • Grilled Potato Packets • Quinoa Salad By all means, feel free to switch things up and think outside of the box to accommodate your palate, you budget, or even your pantry.  Some of the greatest food creations have come from experimentation.  But don’t be afraid to stick with what works as long as it appeals to you.  Eat and enjoy!

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