BBQ Sauces Vs BBQ Rubs

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  • 26 June, 2015
BBQ Sauces Vs BBQ RubsAt BBQ Bros, we offer both sauces and rubs of all varieties to ensure each taste and BBQ method is catered to. One question we’re often asked, however, is “When do I use a rub, and when do I use a sauce?” Rubs and sauces have their own distinct benefits and uses, and while either can be used on any type of meat, you will get some different flavor profiles when you opt for a rub or when you opt for a sauce. Some grilling enthusiasts will swear by one option or another, and this will often have quite a bit to do with regional tastes as well as grilling preferences. Typically, southern Carolina BBQ will be made with a sauce, while a Kansas City style, for instance, will use a rub, but there is no rule stating that one must have a preference or one should be used over another. Both have their own perks when it comes to flavor, and these perks should be considered and remembered for each. In order to understand when to use a rub and when to use a sauce, it’s best to look at the difference between the two. BBQ Sauces are wet mixtures, often comprised of ingredients like vinegar, spices, tomato paste, and in some instances even coffee, soda, liquors, or other secret ingredients. BBQ sauces are also higher in sugar content and this can mean a different technique should be used on the grill. When sugars mix with high heat, caramelization occurs, and this can change the entire taste of your dish. If you plan to use a sauce, it’s best to wait until the very end to baste it on, as this will ensure he proper flavor is being infused into your food. While sauces are a wet mixture, rubs are often a dry mixture, although you can combine a rub with a juice or oil to make a paste. With rubs, you’re trying to create a flavorful crust for your dish, and you’ll want to do the exact opposite of what you’d do with a sauce. Rather than waiting, coat your food in your rub from the start, and allow the blend of herbs and spices to cling to, infuse, and coat the food as it cooks. The reality of the age-old argument of rubs versus sauces really breaks down to your personal preference and your personal preference only. Both options offer great taste and a great appeal, it all depends on how you prefer to cook and what flavors you want to taste!

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