The History Of The World Series Of BBQ American Royal

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  • 12 August, 2015
The History Of The World Series Of BBQ American RoyalThe World Series of BBQ American Royal is one of the most esteemed and prestigious BBQ competitions that occur in the United States. Located in Kansas City, this is a competition that started with a small competition held in 1980, and has spread to a national event encompassing over 54 acres of the historic Stockyard District, and hosting over 500 different BBQ teams all competing in 4 separate categories for their own title. From its humble beginnings, the American Royal is now considered the single largest BBQ competition and festival in the world. The teams that come out to out-grill, out-smoke, and out-cook one another at the American Royal in Kansas City are doing so to be considered the best in 1 of 4 different meat-related categories. This means that all different types of meats and BBQ styles are represented, giving the judges and attendees a pretty tough job ahead of them in terms of picking out just who is the best of the bunch. Since its start in 1980, the American Royal BBQ competition and festival is now considered one of the top 1,000 places to visit in the United States according to bestselling author Patricia Schultz, as well as the Favorite Family Festival by the Kansas City Visitors’ Choice. A yearly event, this is one BBQ competition that has BBQ enthusiasts coming back year after year as it always promises a new and exciting culinary and gastro-experience. At BBQ Bros, we know that it takes the right cooking, the right flavor, and the right technique to make great BBQ. This competition seems to bring in all 3 aspects each and every year, and it’s the perfect stop for those who want to expand their BBQ skills to rival the best of the best. The American Royal BBQ competition for 2015 is slated for October 1st through the 4th, and it’s a must on every BBQ lovers bucket list! If you’re looking to practice your own BBQ skills, our rubs and sauces give you everything you need to infuse true to life regional flavors into any style of BBQ. From our selections of sauces and rubs on Amazon, you can create your own American Royal worthy fare with inspirations from all over the United States!

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