A History And Pairing Of BBQs And Cold Brews

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  • 01 July, 2015
A History And Pairing Of BBQs And Cold BrewsSummertime, beer, and BBQ, what goes better than that? BBQ and brews have a long and storied history together, and they still go hand in hand today more so than ever. With the vast variety of different brews and BBQ flavors we have available to us today, it can be tough to know how to choose what will best go with what dish, so we at BBQ Bros want to make things just a little bit easier! No matter the style of BBQ, the meat you’re serving, or the type of occasion, there is a beer that an go with any delight you happen to toss on the grill! A few tried and tested pairings we love at BBQ Bros are:
  • Burgers and IPA – Bugers go incredibly well with a great IPA, and the secret is all in the flavor. With a burger, you’ll often have the savory meat, the salty cheese, and the sweet condiment…but you’re missing that bit of bitter that really gives a well-rounded approach. IPAs are hoppy beers with just the right bitter note, and they can balance out your burger dish perfectly!
  • Sausage and German Lager – Sausage is a fare that Germany just does right, so it’s no surprise that their signature beers are perfect for pairing with a grilled sausage of any kind. The caramelized outer skin of a grilled sausage pairs particularly well with the malted taste of a great amber lager variety!
  • Steak and Porter – If you’re grilling up a steak, there is no beer to pair better with it than a nice porter. A steak with plenty of fat will work so nicely on the pallette with the bitterness of darkened malts used in a porter, and you’ll find that the char flavor of the steak can really bring out the similarity in the charred flavor of the brew’s blackened malts.
While these are just a few pairings, they are some favorites of ours at BBQ Bros! A cold brew and a hot grill are two things that celebrate an American summer, and we want everyone to experience all the happy tastings that come along with it.

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