BBQ Recipes For Every Type Of Meat

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  • 03 July, 2015
A History And Pairing Of BBQs And Cold BrewsJust about every type of meat imaginable can be seasoned or sauced and thrown onto the BBQ, but one question we often get at BBQ Bros regards what flavors go with which. While there is no real rule set in stone that meat A requires rub A, or meat B requires sauce B, there are some tastes that happen to go better with the smoked or flame grilled natural flavors of particular meat. If you like spice, you can barbecue it into your fish just as well as your beef, and if you like sweetness, you can infuse your chicken just as well as your pork, it all comes down to your personal tastes. For some suggestions, however, regarding what types of flavors seem to go quite well with particular types of meat, some great combinations are:
  1. Beef – If you’re a sweet and spicy person, you’re really in luck with beef. Beef has a strong and versatile enough flavor to go with just about any seasoning you care to put on it, and the rich “hit me” sort of flavors of sweet heat go particularly well with a juicy steak.
  2. Brisket – If you’re preparing a brisket, one suggestion that we really like is keeping it classic. Whether you’re keeping it classic Carolina style, west coast style, Kentucky style, or whichever style, there is no way to go wrong with a traditional barbecue sauce on a well made brisket. If you want something a little different and less traditional, brisket also pairs particularly well with a sweet rub rather than a classic sauce!
  3. Turkey – Grilled turkey is something that everyone should try, and if you plan to bring it into your next cookout, try putting a little Cajun spice on it. A spice rub blend with a bit of Cajun heat, like our New Orleans Style, is great for pairing with the natural flavors of the turkey.
  4. Fish – If you plan to grill fish, it’s important to first take into consideration the fish you’re grilling. Fish with lighter flavors, such as tilapia or another white fish, will have different seasoning needs when compared to heavier fish like salmon, but all can be infused with sweetness, smokiness, or spice as you see fit!
While these are just a few options when it comes to great flavor pairings, we at BBQ Bros want you to know that the sky is the limit in terms of great BBQ flavor!

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