Getting To Know Your BBQ Equipment

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  • 06 July, 2015
Bringing Your BBQ Game Getting To Know Your BBQ EquipmentTo The Big GameAlong with the best flavor, a great BBQ will also take the right equipment. We’ve moved on from the days of grilling meat on a spit over a flame pit, and we’re now in the age of charcoal grills, gas grills, and modern day techniques, so what tools and equipment will you require to ensure you have a successful cookout? Well, at BBQ Bros, we know that it all depends on the flavors you’re looking for and your own style of cooking! When it comes to grills, the two most popular options are charcoal and gas. Charcoal grills are a lot more portable than a gas grill, and these are often the smaller numbers you’ll be using if you take your cooking on the road. Tailgating, barbecues at the beach, and grilling in the park will all often be done on a charcoal grill, and these come in all shapes and sizes to suit all BBQ needs. Many grilling aficionados prefer the charcoal flavor of a charcoal grill to gas, and it does provide anything you cook with a great smoky appeal. Gas grills are a little simpler to use and to regulate heat, but they do have their distinct advantages. Charcoal grills provide a certain flavor, one that many love and many don’t care for, so a gas grill can allow you to eliminate this flavor in favor of the ones you create. With a gas grill, you’ll also be working with propane, typically, which is one of the reasons that these types of grills are significantly less portable. Now that the grill types are covered, you’ll also want to know what other tools are requirements for a great BBQ. Some tools you may want to have handy are:
  • Long handled tongs – Grills are hot, and you’ll want to make sure your meats and vegetables are all cooked evenly, so long handled tongs can really be a huge help.
  • Stiff wire grill brush – This brush will be used to clean off the cooking grate in between meals or uses so that each thing you throw on the grill has its own fresh flavor.
  • Basting brush – Your basting brush will be used to baste on your barbecue sauces as you’re preparing any type of meat.
  • Meat thermometer – In order to get the perfect cook every time, a meat thermometer will be necessary to ensure your food is done, but not too done!

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