All About Bludso’s BBQ Restaurant LA

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  • 29 July, 2015
All About Bludso’s BBQ Restaurant LA You don’t always have to travel to Texas for classic Texas style BBQ, and if any restaurant proves this it’s Bludso’s in LA. Bludso’s BBQ Restaurant was founded by Kevin Bludso, who comes from a background of Texas BBQ connoisseurs going back generation after generation. Using his own techniques, as well as tried and tested family recipes, Kevin Bludso developed Bludso’s BBQ Restaurant to showcase what decades of BBQ perfection has to offer. Featured in various local publications and “must” lists, the public has spoken regarding the BBQ offerings put forth by Bludso’s. In California, where west-coast style BBQ reigns supreme, a home has been made for the classic and traditional offerings of the Texas style offered by Bludso’s BBQ Restaurant, as proven by the myriad of raving reviews. Patrons reviewing Bludso’s also have quite a bit to say about the offerings and the experience that Bludso’s provides. From the actual dining experience in their LA restaurant, to the specific menu items offered, Bludso’s is one location that seems to please customers time and time again. If you’re visitng LA for some classic Texas BBQ, fans of the restaurant often recommend the Texas Sampler as well as the rib tips and sides of classic baked beans. From the side dishes, to the incredibly prepared BBQ fare using recipes dating back to Kevin Bludso’s great great grandfather, there is quite a bit for the BBQ enthusiast to experience when eating at Bludso’s BBQ Restaurant. If you’re looking for a bit of BBQ inspiration, or you simply want to experience what Texas BBQ has to offer without making the trip to the Lone Star State, Bludso’s is where you want to go to take it all in. At BBQ Bros, we love what a little classic inspiration can do for your own BBQ creativity, and Bludso’s is just the place to get it!

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