The Best Wood Chips To Use For Grilling

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  • 27 July, 2015
The Best Wood Chips To Use For Grilling When grilling with wood chips, it’s important to remember that no two are the same, and there are certain woods that marry with certain meats better than others. At BBQ Bros, we want to make sure you always choose the best wood type for your chosen type of BBQ, and we want to outline some wood chip options that work best with some very popular BBQ meat choices: • Hickory – Hickory is prized in the BBQ realm for its classic smoky and almost bacon-esque flavor. This is a type of wood that works well with a vast array of different meats, but some of the most popular pairings for hickory include pork, chicken, and wild game due to their abilities to really soak up the hickory flavor. • Mesquite – Mesquite can be a difficult flavor to work with, as this is a type of wood that really burns hot and can be a challenge for wood smoking novices. Mesquite has a distinct flavor and a particular sweetness, which allows it to pair quite well with beef and various grilled vegetables. • Oak – Oak works quite well if you’re looking for a wood type that offers a bit of versatility. The flavor is pleasant, yet distinct, and it works particularly well with brisket, various poultry dishes, and pork. • Maple – Maple is the wood to go to if you are looking for sweetness, and the mild smoky flavor goes well with all types of different meats and vegetables. From bacon, to corn, to poultry, maple can go quite well with pretty much any mild flavor. • Cherry – Sweet and fruity, cherry wood produces a mild flavor that is difficult to miss and even more difficult not to love. What cherry wood goes particularly well with is pork and poultry, as they’re able to really soak up and embrace the wood’s sweetness. • Apple – If you want sweet, but not quite the same sweetness as cherry, apple wood provides a fruity sweetness with a bit more of a milder element. Ham, beef, pork, or poultry all make excellent pairings with apple, making it one of the most versatile wood varieties you can invest in.

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