Why You Need To Watch Food Network’s BBQ Addiction

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  • 24 July, 2015
Why You Need To Watch Food Network’s BBQ AddictionCelebrity chef Bobby Flay is hailed as one of the kings of BBQ, and by mixing spices, different regional flavors, and various techniques, his Food Network show BBQ Addiction is one that should be on every BBQ enthusiast’s watch list. Now in its 4th season, this show has been spreading the love in terms of learning new BBQ technique and inspiration all the way since 2011. There are a few unique aspects about Bobby Flay’s BBQ Addiction, and we at BBQ Bros want to outline just why this is a show that is worth tuning into every week. First and foremost, for a BBQ show, this is one that really focuses on the entire meal. While you can certainly make a meal out of some finely prepared BBQ alone, the sides can really make the dish, and Bobby Flay focuses on complimenting flavors, textures, and dishes to go along with each BBQ meal he prepares. From tossed salads and homemade dressings, to an avocado relish, to grilled sweet potato fries, what Bobby teaches you is not only how to prepare your main course, but everything that will make it shine as well. For beginners, this is also a show that puts simple techniques, easy ingredients, and building on your own skills in the spotlight. If you want to learn how to BBQ from one of the best, Bobby Flay makes this an easy task simply by following him and what he’s doing during the course of the show. Whether it’s the sides, spices, rubs, or seasonings, or it’s the meats themselves, this is an exceptionally simple show to follow for those who want to adapt any of Bobby’s award winning and world renowned techniques. For those who want to build their BBQ repertoire, but have a diet restriction, or they simply want to BBQ for others in a meatless way, Bobby even focuses on vegetarian BBQ recipes to show that there is no person who cannot enjoy a bit of BBQ in their lives. For example, season 4 episode 6’s episode titled “Veggie Delight” focuses on a totally new take on BBQ pizza made from portabella mushrooms. BBQ Bros love just how easy BBQ Addiction makes learning how to BBQ, and how to adapt the best techniques when cooking the simple ingredients you will probably already have in your home.

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