Project Smoke With Steve Raichlen On PBS

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  • 22 July, 2015
Project Smoke With Steve Raichlen On PBSSmoking is one BBQ technique that should never go ignored, so if you’re learning to smoke for the first time, why not learn from the best? Steven Raichlen’s BBQ Bible made him famous in the BBQ masters realm, and this 13-week show airing on PBS is going to follow him, his technique, and all of the possibilities that come along with smoking with regional flavors from all around the country. A new program that just started this summer, and currently in its first season, Project Smoke is going to place its focus on all the opportunities you have when you pull out the smoker and fire it up. One really unique aspect of Project Smoke is that it focuses not just on smoking meats or sides to go along with them, but smoking just about anything, including your desserts or your cocktails. Things that you may never have dreamed smoke-able are being put in the smoker and barbecued, which puts a whole new spin on a complete smoked dish. Project Smoke doesn’t focus on one particular area or region of smoking, either, and Steve Raichlen is even unafraid to go after worldly flavors like classic Scandinavian smoked salmon. Unlike other BBQ shows which focus mainly on technique and flavor using American methods, this is one program that expands its reach to touching on global smoking traditions as well. The main focus of Project Smoke is everything smoked, and this includes different techniques, both modern and classic, that you can use at your next cookout. Smoking is truly an art form when it comes to BBQ, and Project Smoke could be seen as a step-by-step art lesson going from genre to genre as you build upon your own skills. When you’re trying the techniques you learned from Project Smoke in your own home, it’s important to have the right rubs and sauces to make it all right. At BBQ Bros, we have a plethora of American regional flavors in our BBQ enhancing products sold on Amazon, and many work quite well when dabbling in a little smoking!

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