All About The BBQ Crawl

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  • 20 July, 2015
All About The BBQ CrawlBBQ Crawl is a program offering by Travel Channel that we at BBQ Bros think is perfect for drumming up some good old fashioned BBQ inspiration. Finding new flavors, new techniques, and new ways to create your BBQ is part of building your repertoire and finesse, and what this show offers is a way to really see the best of the best from all regions of the United States. Carolina flavors, Midwestern flavors, deep south flavors, and west coast flavors are all represented as Canada’s BBQ champion Danielle Dimovski, or Diva Q, travels the US from coast to coast sampling and taking in the BBQ she finds along the way. BBQ Crawl has a special focus on BBQ competitions, as Diva Q is a champion herself, and this gives a great insight into what makes the best BBQ just that. By travelling to different BBQ competitions across the country, the audience is able to see how each regional expert approaches their technique to BBQ, and all the different flavors you can incorporate into your own grilled or smoked creations. All of the focus isn’t just placed on competitions on BBQ Crawl, and Danielle makes pit stops at various highlighted BBQ joints along the way as well. Not only do you get to take a few tips from the top BBQ competitors in the United States, but restaurant owners as well, so all styles of BBQ are really covered. In the restaurant segments, you’re also left with customer reviews of their favorite dishes, so you can learn what they love, just why they love it, and how you can bring it into your own creations. Each season follows an 8 week period for Danielle, or her BBQ Crawl, and the crawl goes across vast distances and different locations in order to showcase all of the best flavors different regions have to offer. With two seasons out so far, BBQ fans and prospective champions can get a firsthand look of the best of the best BBQ from tuning in to a few episodes of BBQ Crawl! At BBQ Bros, we love the type of inspiration that BBQ Crawl offers, and if you want to infuse your next cookout with a few of the regional flavors you took notice of on BBQ Crawl, we have regional sets available from our line on Amazon!

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