The History Of The Jack Daniels Invitational

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  • 17 July, 2015
The History Of The Jack Daniels InvitationalThe Jack Daniels Invitational is a BBQ competition that mixes the flavors of Tennessee whiskey with the flavors of Tennessee BBQ, and it’s a pairing that has proven to be a classic and fast favorite. Beginning in 1989, the Invitational is held in Jack Daniel’s Hollow near Lynchburg, Tennessee, and it boasts a host of highly coveted prizes ranging from bragging rights to serious cash. The Individual Grand Champion of the invitational is not only prized with the title of BBQ champion, but a check for $10,000 as well, making this one competition that BBQ aficionados take particularly seriously! The Jack Daniels Invitational is one competition that prides itself as a celebration of all things BBQ as well as a competition, and the family friendly event is one that lasts all day long, with plenty of games, food, and family fun. For those who want to sample the liquid fares as well as the solid, a distillery tour is also held along with plenty of local brews. Held on an October day, the annual event is a perfect one for experiencing an outdoor BBQ festival that really showcases the best of the best when it comes to Tennessee flavors and national BBQ specialties. One thing that is quite unique about the Jack Daniels Invitational is the posters they offer each year have become just as popular as the competition itself, and have turned into quite the collectible. The official website for the Invitational showcases the poster sets offered from each year since the competition’s inception. At BBQ Bros, we know that the Jack Daniels Invitational is quite a serious BBQ competition and festival, and if you plan to one day throw your hat in the ring, it’ll take some flavor and technique practice to get you there. The BBQ rubs and sauces we offer on Amazon have infusions of Tennessee flavors, as well as all other regional flavors, so you can get your start at home with really creating those perfect smokehouse special dishes! With the right practice and finesse, who knows…it could be you taking home the title next year!

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