Getting Your Father’s Day Menu Together

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  • 17 June, 2015
Getting Your Father’s Day Menu TogetherFather’s day is coming up right around the corner on June 21st, and that means it’s about time to start planning your father’s day menu. Whether you are a father who just likes to hang out by his grill, a woman looking to make dinner for the family, or a person who wants to treat their father to something special, there is nothing that says Father’s Day quite like a great barbecue! With family coming to and from and preparations to be made, you might want to keep your menu as simple as it is delicious, and there is a little something that you could make for everyone to love when you spend some time at the grill! If you do plan to grill this Father’s Day, we at BBQ Bros want to make your meal unforgettable. With the addition of a rub or a sauce, any meat or vegetable can be transformed into something a little different but a lot more flavorful, and you’ll love being able to combine your flavors to make a meal truly your own. For Father’s Day, you have quite a few meats to choose from if you plan to take your meal out to the grill, but this doesn’t mean that vegetarians or pescatarians need to be left in the dust. With a great rub or sauce, fish and vegetable dishes can be made into something completely unique just as easily as chicken, pork, or beef, and the whole family can enjoy the same flavors while also enjoying what they like to eat best. We at BBQ Bros know that sometimes the weather doesn’t cooperate for your big Father’s Day cookout, and that can be pretty disastrous if you’ve got a big meal planned that takes a lot of outdoor cooking. However, using your oven, stovetop, or slow cooker with a BBQ recipe can provide an excellent alternative, and our BBQ sauces available on Amazon may be just the trick. If your day gets rained out, try taking some of our barbecue sauce, whichever you prefer best, and placing it into the slow-cooker along with a few chicken breasts for around 8-12 hours on low. Once it’s through cooking, try shredding up the chicken and giving it a few extra minutes to soak for a perfect pulled chicken every time. Whether your cooking adventures take you outside or inside, the time to start planning your Father’s Day feast is now, and our rubs and sauces can help you to make this one the best one yet!

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