West Coast Rubs Vs East Coast Rubs

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  • 19 June, 2015
West Coast Rubs Vs East Coast RubsThe east coast and the west coast have seemingly been battling for years at who is best at what, and when it comes to dry rubs, each does have their own distinct personality! While different, east coast rubs like a Carolina rub and west coast rubs like a California rub are both delicious, and they both really include the culture and personalities of their populations in their particular flavors. It’s not uncommon for a western grill master to swear by a western rub, just like it’s not uncommon for an east coast grill aficionado to swear by his or her eastern rub, it all depends on your personal flavor preference! The main difference between western and eastern rubs is sweetness versus spice, and eastern rubs tend to embrace the sweet side while western rubs will embrace the heat. When combined, you really get a feel of what makes American BBQ some of the best food in the world, as a sweet and spicy combination envelops your taste buds for a full coast to coast experience! Western rubs will have much of the Spanish influence as western food, and this is what lends much of itself to the heat factor. Chile peppers and powder, smoked flavors, and a taste that is very “wild wild west” will often be stand-out factors in a great west-coast style rub. If you prefer a bit of heat in your food, a western blend may be your best bet for a sure-fire go-to! Eastern rubs come from a long tradition of BBQ in the south. The Carolinas in particular have been making BBQ traditions for nearly 200 years, and they use many of these classic sweet flavors in their rubs today. A great east coast rub will place emphasis on flavors like brown sugar, sugar cane, salt, and even cinnamon, while still adding touches of heat with black pepper, paprika, and the kick of garlic. At BBQ Bros, we love both coasts when it comes to our BBQ rubs, and we know that each can add something particularly special to any cookout meal!

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