Learning Your Different Regional Rubs

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  • 10 July, 2015
Learning Your Different Regional RubsOne of the most beautiful things about BBQ is how it infuses the flavors of a region right into its food. Southern BBQ will taste distinctly southern, Midwestern BBQ captures the larger than life culture of the area, and West Coast BBQ will bring you to all of the flavors of the west, and learning what makes up each region’s flavors will help you to really appreciate what makes each unique. You can taste a North Carolina style rub and love it just as much as a New Orleans style rub, and for all of their distinct differences, they’re just plain good in their own way! To outline what makes regional rubs so special, one will have to take a look at the flavors often found within each region’s BBQ:
  • Memphis – When it comes to rubs, Memphis really takes a larger than life approach. Garlic, paprika, sugar, salt, pepper, and a combination of many other spices allow you to have a flavor profile that just doesn’t quit. With a Memphis rub, you’re experiencing a flavor blast from start to finish.
  • Mississippi – Mississippi rubs tend to really embrace the sweet and spicy approach, and this combines the deep south flavor of a New Orleans rub with the sweetness of an east coast south flavor like a North Carolina blend.
  • Texas – Texas is bold, and this rings true even for their flavors. With a Texas rub, don’t expect much sweetness, and learn to embrace a bit of spice instead!
  • Carolina – Carolina rubs are often pretty sweet, but they do have a bit of a kick from a touch of paprika or pepper to give a little much needed heat. When mixed with Texas flavors, you can really get something incredibly unique!
  • New Orleans – New Orleans rubs are straight to the point Cajun much of the time, but they also blend in sweet and smoky notes for a taste that is as complex as the region itself.
There is no wrong answer when it comes to a regional rub, and while these are just a few, they really outline how each region differs from one another as they instill their own personalities into their flavors. At BBQ Bros, we have rubs from all types of regions, so you can always get just the flavor you want!

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