Pro Grilling Techniques With Charcoal And Electric

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  • 07 August, 2015
Pro Grilling Techniques With Charcoal And Electric When it comes to pro-grilling techniques, there are different methods to learn depending on if you’re using a charcoal grill or if you prefer electric. For many, there is a preference, but we at BBQ Bros want to make it known that incredible professional style BBQ can be made using either method, and the right techniques can prove this correct.


Grilling with charcoal is a favorite, and not only for its portability, but for the incredible smoked flavor the meats are able to adopt from the charcoal you’re using. One important pro-tip to adopt when using a charcoal grill is to always use the direct grilling method by placing your meat directly over the source radiating heat, or your charcoal briquettes. What this does is not only give you that perfect char-broiled pattern on your food, but provides the best way for your meat to really soak in the char flavor. Charcoal grills are also rather difficult when it comes to temperature control, but this can be a problem easily solved by bringing along a trusty thermometer to keep an eye on just what temperature your food is reaching. By checking the temperature of your meat regularly, you can take control of your own grilling temperature needs.


Electric grills are excellent when it comes to temperature control, and this is one of the many reasons why they are a top pick for BBQ beginners. Not only for beginners, however, masters can use the electric BBQ grill to really turn their food up a notch, and you can still use your electric grill to imbue incredible flavor into your meat. Because you don’t have the help of the charcoal to bring in flavor, seasoning is one tip that cannot be understated when it comes to BBQ grilling techniques. Your seasoning will often make most of your true blue BBQ flavor, and we at BBQ Bros have all of the wet and dry BBQ seasonings you need to really make something special out of your electric grilling experience. From rubs to sauces, the seasoning you choose to use will make or break your electric BBQ meats.

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