The Art Of BBQ Smoking

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  • 05 August, 2015
The Art Of BBQ Smoking Some classic smoked BBQ should be looked at as an art, and in order to really build upon your skills, you’ll have to keep a few things in mind while mastering your techniques. We at BBQ Bros want to get rid of the mystery surrounding what makes great BBQ smoking what it is, and outline a few tips that you can use to improve your smoking techniques right away. Our rubs and sauces make excellent accompaniments to your next smoke-out, but only if you know just how to approach your smoking first. A few simple tips to use to embrace the true art of BBQ smoking are: • Make a day of it – The worst thing you can do when smoking meat is rush things, and if you really want the smokehouse flavor to penetrate and go inside of the dish, you’ll want to set some serious time aside. Smoking should never be rushed, and a rushed job is job that doesn’t give you the flavor you’re looking for. Learning to embrace BBQ smoking is synonymous with learning to embrace the patience it takes to make it right. • Get the right meats and ingredients – Even if smoked using only the most masterful of techniques, a poor cut of meat is still going to be a poor cut of meat. Look for a type of meat and a type of cut that really embraces flavor first and foremost, many of which will have quite a bit of visible fats to show you the flavor they hold inside. • Focus on your wood – Your wood will make all the difference in your BBQ smoking, and the wood you use will directly influence the flavors you’re going to get in your dish. When beginning, you may want to stay away from very strong woods like mesquite in favor of something like a hickory or apple instead, and thoroughly soaked wood chunks will typically smoke and smolder better than wood chips. While BBQ Smoking is an art, we at BBQ Bros feel that these few tips do make a great start on where to focus your next smoke-out. By making the proper preparations, finding the right meat, and focusing on the right wood, you can be well on your way to building proper techniques that can give you great smoking for a lifetime!

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