Ribs, brisket, hot wings; Kansas City Style brings the flavor! This semi-hot, smokey rub is prime for seafood boils, chilis, ribeye steaks and picante carne asada! You get where I am going with this? Put a dash of this rub on anything you want to add a kick to to create a barbecue dinner the whole fam is sure to DEVOUR. 

Today, I am going to be talking about how to use any Kansas City Style rub, I have my BBQ BRO’S RUBS Kansas City Style rub always available on hand, even if i am just mixing it in with another BBQ BRO’S RUB of mine. (Click here to check out our BBQ BRO'S Kansas City Style rub). So this “how-to” is going to be pretty general. Kansas City Style rub is hands down a favorite on pork ribs. Sense all Kansas City Style rubs have a brown sugar- paprika base people usually put it on ribs and use it for briskets. With any piece of meat you are going to want to marinate it for hours, even over night if possible. Once marinated, pat the meat dry and use a cooking oil with a high burning temperature to lubricate the ribs or brisket. I use avocado oil, some other good ones are canola oil and sesame oil. Make sure there is no excess oil dripping over, we just want enough so that the dry rub will be able to sink into the piece of meat better. Once that is done, use your Kansas City Style rub to generously season the meat. After you have seasoned your ribs (or brisket) foil them up and let them smoke for hours! Yes hours! The longer the meat smokes the more the Kansas City Style rub will seep into the meat making the ribs so tender and juicy! So there it is, I hoped this helped my fellow barbecuers learn a little more on how to use any Kansas City Style rub, with that being said STAY GRILLIN'.

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